Russia, Kadyrov appoints his 16-year-old son to command the Mansur battalion

The Chechen leader entrusts young Adam with command of the battalion within the Russian military forces

The Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has appointed his 16-year-old son Adam to command the Mansur battalion of the Russian military forces. This was confirmed on Telegram by Adam Delimkhanov, deputy of the Russian State Duma and cousin of the Chechen leader himself, speaking of Adam as his “dear nephew”. “This appointment is the natural result of the important services rendered by Adam in defending the religious, family and cultural values ​​of our people,” underlined Delimkhanov, who praises the achievements of the young Chechen.

“He is an energetic, courageous, tenacious and responsible young man, a worthy representative of the young generation. Despite his young age, Adam acts and thinks like a man. My dear nephew is a born warrior with excellent leadership qualities.” Adam Kadyrov was awarded the Star of Mansur, thus becoming the second person, after his father, to receive the honor of the battalion, created in 2014 on the initiative of the Chechen leader himself and active in the Donbass war until 2019.