Russia: “Kiev attacks Energodar, wants to prevent Aiea visit to Zaporizhzhia”

The Aiea delegation is waiting for checks at the nuclear power plant

A group of Ukrainian troops, according to Moscow, allegedly attacked the Energodar region, whose territory is controlled by Russia, and fire was opened on the Ukrainian army. This was said to the Russian agency Interfax Alexander Volga, head of the interim administration of the city, specifying that “there has been a landing of Ukrainian troops, they are currently immobilized, they lie in a summer cottage. Our air force is working on it. We have it. discovered their position and they were hit by fire. I think it will all be over soon and we will win. ” An IAEA delegation is expected to arrive in the city to carry out checks at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plantwhich is located in the small town of Energodar. According to Moscow, the Kiev attack would be aimed at preventing the planned visit to the plant.