Russia, Kremlin: “We will respond to the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe”

Peskov: “China as an effective mediator but no prospects for a peaceful solution”

Russia to respond “appropriately” to US deployment of nuclear weapons at bases in Europe. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov during a press conference. Peskov, quoted by the Tass agency, specified that this type of weapon “worried” Russia.

The decision to deploy short-range tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is the response to the attempts of the Atlantic Alliance to get closer to Russia’s borders, Peskov also said, insisting that “NATO is expanding towards Russia’s borders. It’s not Russia moving its military infrastructure closer to NATO’s borders, this is a move in the opposite direction.”

The Kremlin spokesman stressed that Russia is “concerned about its security” and “naturally” steps are being taken to ensure it and “rebalance the security architecture on the continent,” reports Russian news agency News Interfax.

China plays the role of an “effective” mediator, but the situation in Ukraine, taking Kiev’s position into account, does not show prospects for a peaceful solution, Peskov said again, commenting on the statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, who during the with Xi Jinping he hoped for a role for Beijing to bring Russia to the negotiating table.

“The situation with Ukraine is still complicated and there is no prospect of a peaceful solution”, said the Kremlin spokesman, underlining that Russia, given “the official and unofficial position expressed by Kiev” cannot do other than “continuing the special military operation”.