Russia, Lavrov: “We ask for an end to sanctions, the US is suffocating us”

“Not just for us, also for Cuba”

We demand the end of sanctions and the inhumane economic embargo”, expanding the request also for Cuba to be “freed from the embargo” This was said by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking at the United Nations General Assembly. The United States must abandon “policies of economic suffocation”. Lavrov then cited the “sanctions on Syria, which have endangered development”, adding that “all these measures are used as weapons by Western powers”.

“Moscow does not steal children”

Russia ”does not steal children” from Ukraine, ”their relatives can come and take them whenever they want, no one stops them”, he says, accusing ”the West of building an empire of lies”. The head of Russian diplomacy added that Moscow ”does not hide the names and locations of Ukrainian children in Russia due to the conflict”.

The alliance with China

The United States seeks to conclude military alliances against China and Russia but, he warns, ”the partnership between Beijing and Moscow has strengthened”. ”Increasingly aggressive policies by the West lead to a fragmentation of the world into many hostile blocks” who ”don’t want to negotiate to make the rest of the world and the process by which decisions are made more fair”. ”Development must no longer depend on colonial powers”, concluded Lavrov, maintaining that ”developing countries are ready to negotiate”.

The negotiations

The ”peace formula” developed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine, says Lavrov, is ”absolutely unachievable and everyone knows it”. ”The West is trying to resolve conflicts in other areas with its own rules, for example in the Middle East,’ he adds. The Palestinians have been waiting for years for what they were promised, but the Americans are monopolizing the mediation process”. ”I ask all responsible countries to ensure that the conditions for this negotiation are in place – he added -. The states of the Arab League are returning to negotiations and we are very happy about this”.

Peace in Nagorno

Russian forces will do their best to help establish a peaceful situation in Nagorno-Karabakh. ”Now that the leaders of Yerevan and Baku have resolved the issue of mutual recognition of the sovereignty of the two countries, the time has come for peaceful life, for its establishment, for strengthening trust,” said the head of diplomacy of Moscow. ”The Russian peacekeeping contingent will contribute to this in every possible way,” concludes Lavrov.