Russia law against LGBTQ? Al Bano: “It’s a form of defense against NATO”

The singer to Adnkronos: “Enough with the wars, you have to fight with the power of words”

Lighthouses of the world on Qatar, which violates the rights of the Lgbtq community and on Fifa, which prohibits the use of armbands in support of minorities. But also there Russia ends up in the eye of the storm, approving the law against LGBT propaganda: ”He does it as a form of defense against NATO – he says Al Bano to Adnkronos – let’s not forget that Putin was a great lover of all things Western and they were awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize”.

Al Bano, who was a friend of Putin in the past and who gave many concerts in Russia before the war against Ukraine, continues: “Time magazine – had defined him (Putin, ed) ‘the man of year”. We need to act through diplomacy – underlines the singer – enough with wars. We need to fight with the power of words, not with that of weapons. We need a world law that says: ‘from now on ‘no war” ‘, he concludes.

(by Alisa Toaff)