Russia, Lukoil Nekrasov’s top manager dies: the third since the start of the war

Vladimir Nekrasov, president of Lukoil, the second largest oil producing group in Russia, died suddenly at the age of 66 after suffering from “acute heart failure” as reported by the company itself. “It is with deep regret that we announce the sudden death” of Nekrasov, we read in a note from Lukoil cited by the Tass news agency. Nekrasov was born in 1957 and worked in the oil industry for 50 years. This is the third senior Lukoil executive to end his days early. Lukoil is one of the few Russians to have openly criticized the war in Ukraine.

The mysterious deaths of the oligarchs

Since the beginning of the war, 14 Russian businessmen have died suddenly due to presumed suicides, accidents or sudden illnesses. Among the latest mysterious deaths is that on July 21 of Anton Cherepennikov, 40, who died following a cardiac arrest. He was the number one of a large Russian IT company, Ics holding, considered very close to the Kremlin secret services. The man was found dead in his office in Moscow. Tycoon Pavel Antov died in India in December 2022, after falling from the third floor of the hotel where he was staying. Just two days earlier, his friend Vladimir Budanov died of a heart attack. He was 61 years old and suffered from a heart condition, according to the police. In September 2022, Ravil Maganov, one of the founders of Lukoil, died when he fell from a window in a Moscow hospital where he had been hospitalized for a heart attack. A few months earlier, in May, another executive of the oil giant, Alexander Subbotin, died in unclear circumstances. In May last year, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Pyotr Kucherenko died mysteriously after feeling ill on the plane back to Russia.