Russia, Medvedev: “Weapons to Ukraine bring nuclear apocalypse closer”

Moscow attacks Britain’s decision to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium shells

“Every day of Western arms delivery to Ukraine brings nuclear apocalypse closer”. This is the message that the vice president of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev launches in an interview with the main Russian media and relaunched in particular by the RIA Novosti agency. Since yesterday, Moscow has been harshly criticizing the decision of Great Britain in particular, which will supply depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.

Medvedev’s words come at the same time as the deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, according to whom the risk of a nuclear conflict is now at the highest level for decades.

“I wouldn’t want to indulge in an argument whether the probability of a nuclear conflict is high today, but in any case it’s higher than anything we’ve seen in the last few decades, put it that way,” Ryabkov said during a discussion on the Valdai think tank platform. according to Tax.

Ryabkov reiterates that Moscow does not deviate “from the fundamental provisions envisaged by the doctrine”. According to the deputy minister, states that do not have nuclear weapons and in particular those not aligned with the United States, should “more forcefully call to order the politicians in Western capitals, including Washington: they have absolutely lost their sense of reality”.