Russia, Meloni: “I don’t know who Draghi is talking about, compact center-right on Ukraine”

“The problem has the center left”

“There has been a lot of talk in recent days about this American document that talked about parties that were financed by Russia, after which it seems to me that everyone has been denied that Italian personalities are included in this document. This gives me great pleasure, because in general for a patriot the idea that someone takes money from foreigners is something I would never share. I don’t know who Draghi refers to “when he says that” there are those who secretly talk to the Russians, who want to lift the sanctions “,” but I look at the facts and as far as the center-right is concerned it has always been compact not only in condemning, but in voting on the measures that were necessary to support Ukraine “. He affirmed it Giorgia Melonipresident of Fratelli d’Italia, interviewed on the national day of the Aepi Confederation by the director of Adnkronos, Gian Marco Chiocci.

“The problem – added the leader of the FDI – has the center left, where the Democratic Party has made an agreement with Fratoianni and if you go to the Italian Left website and read their program on page 42, you will find that there is it is written that we must immediately stop the sending of weapons to Ukraine. When I asked Enrico Letta this question he replied that with ‘the Italian Left we have made an electoral alliance but we do not make the Government’ which is almost worse than the patch of the hole”.