Russia, Moscow proposes mandatory ‘loyalty pact’ for visiting foreigners

Anyone entering the country will have to sign a document that undertakes not to criticize the actions of the authorities and deny traditional family values

The Interior Ministry in Russia has developed a bill to introduce a “loyalty pact” to be signed by foreigners upon their entry into the country which will soon be sent to the Duma, the Tass agency reports, quoting the director of the ministry’s migrant office, Valentin Kazakova. To the signatories of the agreement it would therefore be prohibited “obstruct the activities of public authorities or discredit state policies in any formauthorities and public officials”, and also “to abuse the right of freedom of information”, disseminating materials contradictory “to the moral values ​​of constitutional significance”. And to “deny the traditional values ​​of the family and distort the contribution of the Soviets to the victory over the fascism”. It would also be required to “not show disrespect for the diversity of regional and ethnocultural ways of life of Russians, for the spiritual and moral values ​​of Russians”. The proposal had already been formulated in 2021, but had never landed in the Duma.