Russia, new concept of foreign policy: “End the monopoly of the West”

Published the new doctrine: “More relations with China and India, strategic parity and peaceful coexistence with the USA and neutralize the threats of hostile European states, the EU and NATO”

Published in Russia the new concept of foreign policy, replacing the version launched in 2016. Russia intends, as its main objective, transform the region of its near abroad “into a single zone of peace, development, mutual trust and prosperity”, specified President Putin. “Russia is committed to guaranteeing security equally for all countries on the basis of the principle of reciprocity,” he added.

As recently anticipated by Sergei Lavrov, the new concept provides for the need for end the Western monopoly on international politics. The West, Lavrov explained, wants to set Russia back decades. Since 2016, “the situation in the world is different” and since then “there have been profound changes”.

The new concept of Russian foreign policy foresees as “particularly important theglobal deepening of relations with China and India and coordination with these two countries, friendly global power centers”. Moscow “is also interested in maintain strategic parity and peaceful coexistence with the United States and to establish a balance of interests, taking into account their status as major nuclear powers, special responsibility for strategic stability and for international security”.

“The prospects for such a model of Russian-American relations – the document reads – depend on the willingness of the United States to abandon the policy of forced domination and reconsider the anti-Russian course in favor of interaction with Russia based on the principles of sovereign equality, mutual benefit and respect for one another’s interests”.

The United States are referred to as “main inspirer, organizer and executor of aggressive anti-Russian policy of the collective West, the source of the main risks for the security of the Russian Federation, international peace, the balanced, equitable and progressive development of humanity”.

Russia will protect its national interests, creating conditions for the cessation of hostile actions of European countries, the document outlining the new concept of foreign policy in Russia reads.

Most European countries are pursuing an aggressive policy against the Russian Federation aimed at creating threats to the country’s security and sovereignty, obtaining unilateral economic benefits, undermining domestic political stability, and eroding the country’s traditional spiritual and moral values, creating obstacles to cooperation between Russia and its allies and partnersreads the document, according to what Ria Novosti makes known.

Moscow “intends to constantly protect its national interests, paying priority attention to reducing and neutralize security threatsterritorial integrity, sovereignty, traditional spiritual and moral values ​​and socio-economic development of Russia, its allies and partners from hostile European statesthe North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union and the Council of Europe”.