Russia, Nobel laureate Muratov considered foreign agent

The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize ends up in Moscow’s sights

Russia’s Ministry of Justice has included the name of Novaya Gazeta editor and 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dmitry Muratov in the register of foreign agents. To make it known is the Tass.

According to the ministry, Muratov – known for being an opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin and for his criticism of the invasion of Ukraine – used “foreign platforms to disseminate opinions aimed at forming a negative attitude towards the foreign and domestic policies of the Russian Federation”.

Furthermore, according to Moscow, Muratov participated “in the creation and dissemination” of this type of message. Comedian Ruslan Bely was also included in the “blacklist”, as reported by the Interfax news agency, who spoke out against the so-called “special military operation in Ukraine”, a euphemism used by Russia to refer to the invasion.

Also included were, among others, dissident and writer Oleg Radzinski, former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Maxim Reznik, former Echo of Moscow TV presenter Kseniya Larina and economist Konstantin Sonin .