Russia, Pantsir anti-aircraft system near Putin residence

It was installed six kilometers from the official residence in Valdai

A Pantsir air defense system was also installed six kilometers from Vladimir Putin’s official residence in Valdai, Novgorod region, northwest of Moscow. This was testified by a resident of the independent news site Agentstvo. The installation dates back to a few weeks ago. Other testimonies speak of an unusual state of high alert in the presidential compound.

Other systems had appeared in central Moscow. For example, on the roof of the Ministry of Defense where photos and videos posted online in recent days show the presence of what is considered a Pantsir-S1 system. This month, another Pantsir-S1 system was reported to be installed ten kilometers from another residence of President Putin.

Moscow is located about 700 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. But the Russian authorities fear the extension of the launch capability of the systems available to the Kiev forces. Batteries of S-400s have been sighted in a park north of Moscow and at a test base northeast of Moscow.