Russia, Peskov: “Differences in Putin’s circle”

The Kremlin spokesman to the Washington Post: “But that’s normal, no rift”

There have been “differences” and discussions around Vladimir Putin when the Russian president was faced with crucial decisions such as that of “partial” mobilization, more than seven months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was admitted by the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. “There is disagreement on these moments. Some think we should act differently – he told the Washington Post -, but this is part of the normal work process “.

And on the differences within Putin’s inner circle, he replied: “There are discussions about work, about the economy, about the management of the military operation. There are discussions about the education system. It is part of the normal work process and is not a sign of splitting“.

According to information obtained by US intelligence, the Post wrote, within Putin’s inner circle there is a person who in recent weeks has reported directly to the head of the Kremlin his disagreement on the management of the war in Ukraine. which was deemed significant enough to be included in Joe Biden’s daily briefing and shared with other US officials. But for Peskov it is “absolutely not true” information.