Russia, ‘poor’ soldiers die in Ukraine: the analysis

British intelligence analysis: only volunteers go to war from Moscow

Russia lost thousands of soldiers in Ukraine during the war. Most of the dead soldiers come from the poorest areas of the country: the conflict, in short, does not concern the population of Moscow. It is the picture that British intelligence briefly outlines by analyzing the impact of the war on Russia’s ‘human resources’. The bulletin arrives from Kiev every day with the losses attributed to Moscow: unverifiable figures that cannot be considered objective. According to Ukraine, Russia lost overall over 362 thousand men.

The British intelligence analysis ignores the total number of victims. From London, it is noted that “most of the Russian victims in Ukraine come from the poorest regions of Russia”. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin “managed to limit the direct impact of the conflict on the relatively wealthy population of the capital”, reads the bulletin of the Moscow Government Security Force (MGSF), an organization established by the President of the Russian Federation , Vladimir Putin, to monitor the capital’s infrastructure.

Since July 2023, British military intelligence notes, the MGSF “has taken on a more paramilitary character, also receiving permission to use firearms. It is likely to have attracted several thousand recruits out of an expected strength of 15,000. ‘The MGSF represents another example of Russia’s long tradition of ‘paramilitarisation’. It is very likely that the MGSF was strengthened in part to address concerns about the preparedness of Moscow’s local security forces in the face of the advance of mutinous troops of the Wagner Group in June 2023. The project also offers the opportunity for Muscovites to volunteer for ‘patriotic war tasks’, avoiding front-line service in Ukraine.”

Putin and the gift to foreigners

Meanwhile, Russia ‘rewards’ foreigners who joined the armed forces to fight in the war: they will be able to apply for Russian citizenship, as foreseen by a Putin decree that was published today.

As can be seen from the provision, the Russian news agency ‘Tass’ notes, “foreigners who were discharged from military service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation during the special operation for health reasons, upon reaching the age limit, upon expiration of the contract, as well as in connection with the termination of martial law, they will also be able to apply for Russian citizenship. Relatives of these categories of foreign citizens will also have the right to obtain Russian citizenship.”