Russia, Putin ‘purges’ after Prigozhin revolt. “13 arrests, Surovikin too”

The FSB has arrested at least 13 senior officers and suspended or fired another 15, the Wall Street Journal said, citing unnamed sources. General Popov: “Torpedoed for criticism of military leaders”

There are ongoing ‘purges’ in the Russian armed forces following the Yevgeny Prigozhin uprising. The FSB has arrested at least 13 senior officers, including Sergei Surovikin, and has suspended or fired another 15 (such as General Ivan Popov, ed), reports the Wall Street Journal, citing informed anonymous sources. “The arrests want to cleanse the ranks of those who are no longer trusted,” explained one of the sources, noting that several of those arrested have ties to Wagner.

Surovikin would be repeatedly interrogated but would not be in a detention centre. He will be released, the sources also explain, only when Vladimir Putin has decided how to handle the fallout from the revolt. Also detained was former Deputy Defense Minister Mikhail Mizintsev, with responsibility for logistics, who joined Wagner after being removed from his post last April. Also detained and suspended from their posts after their release were Surovikin’s deputy, Andrei Yudin, and the deputy head of military intelligence, Vladimir Alexeyev.


Ivan Popov accuses Moscow’s military leaders of having removed him from his post for denouncing the difficult situation at the front. The criticisms of General Popov, head of the 58th unit, were collected in a voice message released by Russian lawmaker Andrei Gurulyov. “There was a difficult situation with the superiors: you had to be silent, like cowards, or tell it like it is. In your name and that of my fallen comrades-in-arms, I had no right to lie, so I told all the problems that exist”.

The general then reported the death of Russian soldiers due to Ukrainian artillery and denounced the lack of an adequate system of countering artillery fire and reconnaissance means. “My superiors apparently sensed some sort of danger and quickly engineered an order from the defense minister, getting rid of me in just one day,” he added. “The Ukrainian army failed to break through our ranks at the front, but our leadership struck us from behind, beheading the army at its most difficult moment,” he added.