Russia, Putin’s former speechwriter: “Possible coup in the coming months”

Abbas Gallyamov: “The economy is getting worse, the war is lost. The Russians will answer themselves: ‘Well, that’s because our country is ruled by an old tyrant'”

“Right now, I think a military coup might be possible.” These are the words of Abbas Gallyamov, the former speechwriter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who during an interview with CNN talks about the number of Russian soldiers who have lost their lives in Ukraine and the difficult living conditions caused by the sanctions as favorable conditions to a military coup. Now a political analyst, Gallyamov believes the coup could occur within the next twelve months.

“The Russian economy is getting worse… The war is lost. There are more and more corpses coming back to Russia, so the Russians will have more difficulties and try to find an explanation why all this is happening. They will answer themselves: ‘ Well, that’s because our country is ruled by an old tyrant, an old dictator,'” Gallyamov said referring to Putin.

According to the analyst, ”in a year, a coup d’état becomes a real possibility” because ”there is a truly hated unpopular president at the head of the country and the war is truly unpopular, and they need to shed blood to this”. Possible, he adds, that Putin cancels the presidential elections scheduled for March next year. ”Judging by his actions, he could really cancel the election. With no victory over the Ukraine, he will face the struggling Russians. The Russians don’t need him if he’s not strong. He could indeed declare martial law and cancel the election,” Gallyamov said.