Russia, St. Petersburg cancels Christmas: money is needed for war

No holiday events, the funds will be used to purchase military equipment

The authorities in St. Petersburg have announced the cancellation of the events planned to celebrate Christmas and have specified that they will allocate these funds to the purchase of military equipment for the Russian troops destined for Ukraine. “In a meeting of Governor Alexander Beglov with members of the city government – the Municipal Administration said – the decision was taken to cancel the festive events previously planned for the new year. The funds saved will be used for the purchase of additional equipment for volunteers and mobilized people “.

Therefore, according to the Russian news agency Tass, this year the traditional concerts will not be held in Palace Square or Nevsky Street, as well as the fireworks or the charity reception in the Tauride Palace. However, the authorities in St. Petersburg have confirmed that New Year’s activities will be held for children and families. St. Petersburg thus adheres to the similar decision recently announced by the authorities of Leningrad, a region to which the second Russian city belongs.