Russia, Stefanini (Ispi): “A hybrid war is underway, the aim is to break the cohesion of the West”

“The phone call to Meloni was a poor result, skilled in not declaring anything that is in conflict with Italian politics, but it still creates a sense of uncertainty”

The fake phone call to the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, from a self-styled president of the African Union Commission, is only the latest, in chronological order, of many ‘jokes’ which are part of what is instead a hybrid war, based on the weapon of counter-information. The Prime Minister’s conversation with two Russian pranksters boasts illustrious precedents, always signed by Vovan and Lexus, from Pedro Sanchez to Boris Johnson, from Elton John to JK Rowling, up to Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel and Henry Kissinger. A nice collection of medals, no doubt about it, for the two Russian pranksters, but in the case of Meloni “they put a meager loot in their bag, thanks above all to the ability of the president, who has not declared anything that is in conflict with the Italian politics”, ISPI Senior Advisor Stefano Stefanini tells Adnkronos, according to which the phone call “still creates a sense of distrust and uncertainty within Palazzo Chigi”.

“A small result has in fact been achieved and it would be important to realize this – states Stefanini – The aim is not so much that of the diplomatic advisor’s resignation, but to generate a distrust of the Government in the structures that assist it and that do nothing other than do their duty “On the Russian side – he recalls – the hybrid war has been ongoing for some time, there is not the slightest doubt about this. Let us think of the 2016 US elections, in which Moscow influenced Trump’s victory, and, in the same year, even if it is difficult to quantify how, in the United Kingdom’s vote in favor of Brexit. Russia knows that the only way to put the West in difficulty, not being able to compete in terms of economic, intellectual, scientific, as well as military capabilities, is to break its cohesion from within, using all possible propaganda tools to create division between individual countries”.

“The fact that Moscow has sided so openly, since the day after October 7, in favor of Hamas – continues the ambassador – not only in support of the Palestinian cause, which until then had been ignored – Putin had an excellent relationship with Netanyahu, but I don’t know that he raised the Palestinian issue with him – it’s because in it and in the revival of an anti-Semitic wave in Europe and the United States he sees an opportunity to create splits in the West from within. a small episode, but it falls within this scheme, and its purpose is to generate mistrust and uncertainty through disinformation, the secret of which is knowing how to hide the hand, passing it off as documented information. the information puts its signature on it, it instead becomes propaganda. Disinformation is therefore more subtle, passing off what is actually propaganda as objective and documented information.”