Russia, the head of Wagner Prigozhin overshadowed by the state media

Evgeny Prigozhin has disappeared from the official Russian media: the head of the Wagner mercenaries would thus have paid for his continuous disagreement with the military leaders of Moscow regarding the conduct of the war in Ukraine. This was revealed by the independent Russian media Verstka, according to which various press organizations have received orders to black out “Putin’s chef”. Prigozhin has been denouncing the failures of the invasion for some time and has engaged in a direct duel with Defense Minister Shoigu, accusing him among other things of not supplying ammunition to his militiamen engaged in Donbass. Now Verstka has made it known that the state media have been instructed not to quote his statements “on non-neutral topics” (WAR IN UKRAINE, SKY TG24 SPECIAL-REAL TIME UPDATES).

“Ready campaign against Prigozhin”

Kremlin-controlled news agencies have effectively stopped quoting Prigozhin’s statements in recent weeks, except for those directly related to Wagner’s battlefield activity, according to an independent media analysis. Furthermore, according to a source close to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian authorities have prepared a “campaign” against Prigozhin, although they have decided not to launch it for the time being.