Russia, the Supreme Court confirms the 9-year sentence in Navalny

The Second Court of Cassation of the Russian General Jurisdiction has rejected the appeal of Alexey Navalny, one of the main political rivals of the President of Russia Valdimir Putin, against the nine-year sentence for “fraud” and “contempt of court” inflicted on the opponent and considered to be of a political nature. The activist is now being held in a strict prison in Melekhovo.

Putin’s opponent has been in jail since January 2021

Navalny has been in prison in Russia since January 2021, when he was arrested as soon as he returned to Russia from Germany, where he was being treated for a poisoning that has long caused fear for his life and for which he is suspected. Russian intelligence. After a sentence of two and a half years politically motivated, last March the opponent was sentenced to nine years on the accusation of having embezzled money donated to his Anti-Corruption Foundation: also in this case these are obviously accusations deemed to be of political matrix but the sentence was confirmed on appeal in May.

The activist is in a punishment cell

In recent days, Putin’s main opponent has been sent to a prison cell for the umpteenth time: this time for 14 days. According to the independent media Meduza, on the internet Navalny wrote that the reason is his refusal to wash a prison fence. “And I’m back in the punishment cell,” he explained. “I just spent 12 days there, they give me 14 again. The reason is that I refused to wash the fence.” Navalny then stated: “All I have with me is a cup (one piece), and a book (one piece). But I’m already used to it. I don’t understand people who need other items for a full life.”

In two months he was punished six times

In less than two months, Navalny was sent to a detention cell six times. These continued measures against him are considered an abuse of the authorities and Navalny is contesting them in court. The last 12-day punishment was imposed on him because he had the courage to condemn the mobilization ordered by the Kremlin for the conflict in Ukraine during a court hearing. Navalny also said he was sent to a solitary confinement cell for three days in August only because the top button on his suit was undone.