Russia threatens ships bound for Ukraine. Zelensky: “Everyone in Putin’s sights”

“Everyone in the world should be interested in bringing Russia to justice.” New US military aid package to Ukraine, leader Wagner Prigozhin reappears on video

Russia threatens ships bound for Ukrainian ports. “Everyone is a target” of Vladimir Putin, he says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. From midnight on July 20, all ships sailing in the Black Sea to Ukrainian ports will be considered by Russia as potential carriers of military cargoes. This was stated by the Russian Defense Ministry, adding that “consequently, the flag countries of such ships will be considered to be involved in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Kiev regime.”

In the same hours, not surprisingly, Zelensky from Kiev states that “everyone is affected by Russian terror. Everyone in the world should be interested in bringing Russia to justice”. According to the Ukrainian president, Moscow’s latest attack on Odessa “shows that the target is not only Ukraine and not only the lives of our people. About one million tons of food is stored in the attacked ports. This is the volume that should have been delivered to consuming countries in Africa and Asia a long time ago,” he says on social media.

“The port terminal that suffered the most from the Russian terror – continues Zelensky – contained 60 thousand tons of agricultural products, which had to be shipped to China”.


Meanwhile, a new US military aid package arrives for Ukraine: the United States has pledged to supply other air defense systems and attack drones worth 1.3 billion dollars, according to the Defense Department’s announcement.

The package includes four more surface-to-air missile systems (NASAMs), medium-range air defense batteries, and Phoenix Ghost and Switchblade attack drones.


Yevgheni Prigozhin meanwhile reappeared yesterday on video for the first time since the failed Wagner mutiny on June 24th. The mercenary group’s press service posted a video on two of its Telegram channels in which we see the profile of a man resembling Wagner’s boss who tells his men: “Welcome to Belarusian territory. We fought with dignity. We really did a lot for Russia”.

And then, after paying homage to the “Belarusians who welcomed us as brothers”, off with new criticisms for the handling of the war in Ukraine, which is “a shame”. “What is happening at the front – he denounces his ‘boys’, gathered in the training camps in Aleksander Lukashenko’s country according to the agreement reached in the aftermath of the failed revolt – is a shame in which we must not participate. We fought with honour. We are waiting for the moment when we can fully experience it”.

Then Prigozhin exhorts his men to behave well with the local population, orders them to train the Belarusian army and to gather strength for “a new journey to Africa”. “Maybe we’ll go back to the military special operation at some point, when we’ll be sure we don’t have to feel ashamed,” he concludes.

Also heard in the video is a man who should be Dmitry Utkin, co-founder of Wagner: “This is not the end. This is just the beginning of the greatest opera in the world which will be realized very soon. And welcome to hell.”