Russia Today, Twitter account blocked after legal appeal

RT’s Twitter account (new name of TV Russia Today) was blacked out following a legal appeal. Yesterday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba urged governments to ban the broadcaster Russia Today (RT), accompanying the request with an extract from a program inciting violence against Ukrainians (WAR IN UKRAINE: THE LIVEBLOG).

Kuleba’s accusations: “Incite violence”

Anchorman Anton Krasovsky – underlined Kuleba by retweeting a post from the Russian media monitor – suggested “drowning or burning Ukrainian children, making horrible comments about the rape of Russian soldiers, and stating that Ukraine should not exist and that Ukrainians who resist Russia should be shot “. Today, the broadcaster’s chief editor, Margarita Simonyan, announced on Twitter that the anchorman Anton Krasovsky has been suspended following her statements calling for violence against the Ukrainian population.

The countries in which it has been suspended

RT’s account is now suspended in Italy, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Greece, Romania, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, Luxembourg, Lithuania, United Kingdom , Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, France, Spain, Belgium.