Russia-Ukraine, energy and recession: the alibi of the perfect storm

Draghi’s legacy to be picked up is the determination to tackle problems

If the problems are addressed, there is a chance that they can be solved. If the problems add up, Russia’s war on Ukraine, the energy crisis, the looming recession, there is a risk that we will stop, shielding ourselves with the alibi of the perfect storm.

The European Union is doing so, paralyzed by national interests and unable so far to replicate the extraordinary reaction put in place to respond to the Covid pandemic. National states are doing this, starting with Germany, committed to defending political positions and leadership within national borders.

The next Italian government, led by Meloni, still has the choice. And the key is economic policy. It can respect the worst expectations and close in a national and sovereign defense of the promises made, chasing immediate consent and opening the umbrella to simulate a shelter from the perfect storm. Or, it can tackle the problems, one at a time, seeking solutions and stimulating, and even demanding it, a real European cohesion. The first moves of the future prime minister seem to want to go in this direction, the pressures coming from the rest of the coalition less.

The role that Italy can play will depend on the choices that will be made in the coming weeks, starting from the composition and the real position of the government in the real world. If there is a Draghi legacy, a Draghi agenda not to be denied, it is the determination to do things to solve problems. It is not certain that you will succeed but it is essential to try. Otherwise there is no hiding behind the alibi of the perfect storm. (Of Fabio Insenga)