Russia-Ukraine, Green Day cancel the concert on May 29 in Moscow

There are events that have effects on a global level, in every sphere. This is the case with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which in addition to the political and economic repercussions, it is bringing changes also in the musical world. The big rock concerts, which were hitherto planned in Russia for the next few months, are also starting to suffer from the effects of the conflict. One of these is the concert scheduled for May 29 in Moscow, at Spartak Stadium dei Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong’s band announced the cancellation of the showposting a message in the stories of the group’s Instagram profile.

Green Day’s message about the concert in Moscow

“With a heavy heart, and in light of recent events, we believe it is necessary to cancel our next concert at Spartak Stadium in Moscow” wrote Green Day. “We are aware that this is not the time for stadium rock shows, it concerns something much bigger, but we also know that rock and roll is forever and we are confident that there will be a time and a place we can return to in the future. […] Stay safe “reads the band’s message concert at Spartak Stadium would have been the Russian stop of the tour, which will see the band also land in Italy at Milan Summer Festival on June 15 and al Firenze Rocks Party. Meanwhile, the Californian punk rock group is preparing to return with the new project 1972still shrouded in mystery.

Russia-Ukraine, the reactions of music

Green days are not the only ones who have wanted to take position towards recent events, which see Russia and Ukraine collide. Even the European Broadcasting Union just a few hours ago decided to ban Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022, to be held in Turin. The longest-running international television music competition in the world “was born after the Second World War to unite Europe. In consideration of this, the participation of Russia, today an aggressor and violator of international law, undermines the idea on which the competition is based ”wrote the EBU. “The decision reflects the concern that, in light of this unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the inclusion of a Russian voice within the Contest would end up bringing the demonstration into disrepute.”

From Dee Snider to Madonna for Ukraine

The frontman of Twisted Sister Dee Snider he expressed his full support for Ukraine declaring his complete approval for the use of the piece We’re Not Gonna Take It as a battle song of the Ukrainian troops, as reported by some sources. “My grandfather was Ukrainian before the state was swallowed up by the Soviet Union after the Second World War. It can’t happen to these people again “said the singer. And again, Madonna has posted a video on his social networks with the dramatic images of the war in progress with his song in the background Sorry and commented on the words: “The greed-driven and purposeless invasion of Ukraine by Russia must be stopped.”