Russia: “Ukraine in NATO? Guaranteed escalation towards World War III”

According to the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council “the countries of the Alliance understand the suicidal nature of this step”

Ukraine’s request to join NATO is “a propaganda move” and “Kiev is well aware that such a step would mean a guaranteed escalation towards the third world warThe deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, Alexander Venediktov, said in an interview with the Russian agency Tass, according to whom “apparently this is what they are counting on, making noise and attracting attention”.

“But since many of the Kiev regime do not have contact with reality – he continued – I would not be surprised if some really expected their country to join NATO”. Venediktov insisted that “despite declarations of non-involvement in the events in Ukraine, the actions taken by Westerners show that they are a party to the conflict”.

“The accession of Ukraine to NATO would automatically give a new dimension to the involvement of the West – he continued, evoking article 5 – The members of NATO themselves understand the suicidal nature of this step”. And, she added, “Russia’s position remains unchanged: it is unacceptable to us that Ukraine joins NATO or other alliances under the auspices of the US”.