Russia, who is Elvira Vikhareva: the opponent poisoned with heavy metals

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Originally from Siberia, graduated in journalism and – later – opponent of President Vladimir Putin: this is the profile of Elvira Vikhareva, the 32-year-old who reported being poisoned with heavy metal salts (ALL LIVE UPDATES ON THE CONFLICT).

The poisoning complaint

It was Vikhareva herself who denounced the events, which would have occurred months ago. According to the Russian agency Sotaand according to what was also reported by Meduza, the dissident recounted the symptoms, which first arrived between the end of November and the beginning of December, and then returned in February. Laboratory analyzes would have shown that Vikhareva’s blood contained potassium dichromate, a highly toxic and carcinogenic substance.

Who is Vikhareva

Originally from Irkutsk, Siberia, Vikhareva worked for a time in TV and majored in journalism. You then approached politics during the protests against electoral fraud in 2011 and after a few years you began your fight against Putin. You also participated in the 2019 protests against the exclusion of dozens of candidates from elections. And in 2021 she also tried to run for the Duma, losing, according to the results of electronic voting, against TV presenter and United Russia candidate Timofey Bazhenov. Again, in 2022, Vikhareva also intended to run for her city council in her Moscow district, but a court prevented her from doing so, citing irregularities in her registration documents. In an interview with Le Monde, a few months ago, said he had no right to judge Russian politicians who walked away fearing for their lives. For her, however, it was different. She knew the risks, “from prison to poison,” but she felt she had a moral responsibility to stay.