Russia, woman prisoner for 14 years: 51 year old arrested

Arrested in the city of Chelyabinsk, the man is also charged with the murder of another woman

A man was arrested in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on charges of holding a girl captive for 14 years and killing another womanauthorities said today. Russian media have published pictures of the 51-year-old. The alleged crimes came to light after the man’s mother asked for help from doctors, due to the psychological state of her son. This allowed the 33-year-old woman to escape.

According to investigators, the man he had invited the young woman, then 19, into his home, and refused to let her go. He allegedly beat and raped her. She had bars on the windows and always kept the house lockedaccording to the media.

When the mother called an ambulance, she forgot to lock the door, according to an article in the Izvestia newspaper posted on the police website. The woman thus managed to escape, reaching her sister.

When officers arrived at the man’s home, they found the remains of another woman, who was reportedly stabbed and hacked to pieces before being buried in the home’s garden in 2011.. The man is now in hospital under observation, according to local media.

A search conducted in his home made it possible to find two computers with pornographic material and chainsthe newspapers report.

The man’s mother was also arrested because she was accused of knowing about her son’s activities. According to her, the woman lived voluntarily with her son. Local residents told Izvestia that the man looked normal, despite his secluded lifestyle. If convicted, he faces 15 years in prison.