Russian Cultural Institute: “Never perceived such a hostile climate, open to dialogue”

The post on Fb: “The war of words in Italy has already begun”

The institute of Russian culture and language publishes a long post on its Facebook account accompanied by a photo of the official meeting in Moscow between Giovanni Gronchi and Nikita Khrushchev in 1960. In the post, the institute traces its history, citing “our roots ” which “go back to the second post-war period, when the Italy-Ussr Associations were formed in 1946, which facilitate cultural exchange and are frequented by all”. And he mentions, in addition to “representatives of various political parties”, “many leading intellectuals including, for example, Moravia and Guttuso”, who “participate in cultural events”.

He therefore recalls that Italy joined NATO in 1949 and the Warsaw Pact alliance was formed in 1955″. “Italy and the USSR found themselves in two different alliances, which fought each other during the long period of the Cold War and are based on antagonistic economic and social models”, he writes, however observing how “despite the numerous international crises that have followed one another, the events in Hungary, the Prague spring, the war in Vietnam, the war in Afghanistan we have never perceived a climate as hostile as the current one with people who come to insult each other regardless of the content and words that are used by us”.

“Italian society, understood as the ability to understand reality and be aware of one’s identity and culture, has unfortunately taken gigantic steps backwards”, we read. “We are in a society where thoughts are flat and polarized and political culture has simply vanished. A fierce opponent of the Soviet Union, Henry Kissinger, calls for peace in a situation like this because he understands its extreme danger. War of words in Italy has already begun. There is no time to understand, one comes to this page and even when we seek, in any way, dialogue, one finds the pretext to offend, mock, discriminate. We remain open to dialogue, to the high values ​​of politics understood as the possibility of dialogue without oppression and arrogance. We come from a long history, also marked by moments of tension”.