Russian gas, Gazprom supplies resumed to Italy through Austria

Gazprom: “Solution found with Italian buyers”. Eni: “Flows resumed”

The Russian energy giant Gazprom said it had resumed gas supplies to Italy through Austria. It was read in a note from Gazprom: ” We have resumed the transport of Russian gas through the territory of Austria ”. Gazprom then explains that it has “found a solution with Italian buyers”.

Eni also informs that gas flows supplied by Gazprom have resumed today. The resumption of supplies was made possible by the resolution by Eni and the parties involved of the constraints deriving from the new legislation introduced by the Austrian regulatory authorities.

The stop to supplies of Russian gas to Italy began on 1 October. Two days ago the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzihad explained that the problem was “due to the fact that a physical guarantee should have been given in function of the passage of this gas to the transporter that brings the gas from Austria to Italy. Gazprom has not paid so it becomes difficult to think that a company who wants to pay in rubles can put guarantees in euros for a passage. We are seeing how it is possible to take over either the transporter or Gazprom. We are talking about 20 million guarantees on billions of euros that pass so now let’s see if we can take over and do this effort. It’s something that could have been avoided. “