Russian gas, Gazprom supplies to Italy stop today

Eni: at work to reactivate flows

Stop today the supply of Russian gas to Italy. Gazprom has announced that it cannot confirm the delivery of the volumes of gas requested for today due to the declared impossibility of transporting the gas through Austria. Today, therefore, the flows of Russian gas destined for Eni through the Tarvisio entry point will be zero. Eni reserves the right to communicate any resumption of supplies. This is the communication that Eni publishes on its website.

“Starting today – reports an Eni spokesperson – Gazprom is no longer delivering gas to Eni since, according to its communications, it would not be able to comply with the obligations necessary to obtain the gas dispatching service in Austria where it should deliver it. . However, we understand that Austria is continuing to receive gas at the delivery point at the Slovakia / Austria border. We are working to verify with Gazprom if it is possible to reactivate the flows towards Italy ”.

Gazprom is working with Italian gas buyers to solve the problem of the interruption of gas supplies to our country. In a message on its Telegram channel, the Russian company explained that “the transport of gas under the contracts of Gazprom Export LLC through the territory of Austria has been suspended due to the Austrian operator’s refusal to confirm the appointments of transport. The reason is linked to the regulatory changes that took place in Austria at the end of September. Gazprom is working to solve the problem together with the Italian buyers “.