Russian journalist Ovsyannikova who protested on TV hired by the German newspaper Die Welt

German newspaper Die Welt announced that it had hired Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian journalist who protested against Moscow’s military action in Ukraine during a prime-time news on state television. Ovsyannikova, 43, “is now a freelance correspondent for Die Welt, and she writes among other things from Ukraine and Russia,” the newspaper said in a statement. The woman will write for the newspaper as well as being a regular contributor to her news channel, she added the German newspaper (SPECIAL-LIVE UPDATES).

The journalist faces jail in Russia

Ovsyannikova, an employee of the official Russian TV channel First Channel, broke into the set of the evening news in March holding a billboard with the words “No War” in English, while in Russian he warned viewers against the lies of propaganda about war . After her protest she was detained and interrogated for 14 hours before being released and sentenced to pay a fine of 30,000 rubles ($ 280). However, you risk further indictment and even detention under the new Russian laws against fake news on information relating to the war in Ukraine.

Ovsyannikova: “Die Welt fights for freedom”

Ovsyannikova had already announced that she would leave her post on Russian TV, but she did not accept the offer of asylum in France from President Emmanuel Macron, saying that she wanted to stay in Russia. Ulf Poschardt, editor-in-chief of Die Welt, praised her “courage at a decisive moment” and stressed that her colleague “defended the most important journalistic virtues, despite the threat of state repression”. Ovsyannikova said Die Welt “stands up for what is so vehemently defended by the brave people on the ground in Ukraine right now: for freedom.” “I see it as my duty as a journalist to defend this freedom,” she said.