Russian (Words O-Styles): “Beware of words, they can destroy”

Gender violence, including verbal violence, now enters our homes through a simple notification on a smartphone

“The data are exhaustive: 109 women killed in Italy and 63 by partners. These ‘loves’ probably began with words of love that over time have turned into insult, contempt, domination. Where there is no respect, the words can destroy, they take away the self-esteem, they make you believe wrong. 84% of women have received verbal harassment, most of them under the age of 17. The alarm is that the means of communication and the verbal violence can now enter the home through a notification on a smartphone: unsolicited comments, insults … A more widespread phenomenon than imagined. Those words that hurt, spoken in public or private places, that ‘I’ll explain it to you’ , ‘you don’t understand anything’, ‘you see you don’t get there’ or at work ‘are you going to have children?’, ‘why don’t you put on your skirt?’, it’s not just words but gender violence “. Thus Rosy Russo, president and founder of the Parole O-Stili association, on the occasion of the presentation of the e-book “Stories of reborn women. Ten stories that speak of redemption” created by Sorgenia as part of the initiative “Always 25 November “.

“The cure – underlines Russo – should be the name of this time, precisely in language. The time has come to say enough is enough and you have to start small because words give shape to thought and language can make the difference”.