‘Rust’ scriptwriter: “Baldwin played Russian roulette”

The complaint: “In the script it was not foreseen that the actor would shoot ‘

Alec Baldwin was not expected to shoot while filming ‘Rust’, during which the actor shot the director of photography Halyna Hutchins to death. The script did not involve the use of the gun, says Mamie Mitchell, the screenwriter who called the police on the film set after the incident and who sued Baldwin.

His lawyer accused the actor of “playing Russian roulette” when he fired the gun without first checking it. Baldwin and the film’s producers, who were also cited in the lawsuit, have yet to comment, while no criminal charges have been made. filed, as authorities are still investigating the October 21 shoot on the set of the western film.

Mitchell argues that the script required three close-ups: one of Baldwin’s eyes, another of a bloodstain on his shoulder, and a third of his torso, “as he reached for the holster for the gun. a scene where Baldwin or any other person would have had to shoot. ”

Mitchell’s attorney Gloria Allred yesterday described Baldwin’s and the film’s producers’ behavior as “reckless” at a press conference, accusing them of failing to follow security protocols. “The actor – he added – chose to play ‘Russian roulette’ when he fired a gun without checking it or without the security officer doing it in his presence. The possibility of injury or death was a probable consequence. “.

“I relive the shooting and the sound of the gun blast over and over,” Mitchell, who reportedly was just over a meter away from Baldwin when the actor fired and told reporters. who will ask him to pay damages for the emotional consequences that the events she witnessed would have caused her.