Rutelli: “Optimistic about the health of cinema, now the Italian champions are coming”

The president of Anica at Adnkronos on the Venice Film Festival: “It will be an extraordinary edition with an unprecedented number of important films by Italian authors, producers, directors and actors”

(From the correspondent Enzo Bonaiuto) – “Venice it will be an extraordinary Film Festivalwith an unprecedented number of important films by Italian auteurs, producers, directors and actors: we are eager to see these very important and high quality films compete in what remains Venice’s huge grandstand for the world”. Francis Rutellipresident of theanica, the national association of audiovisual and digital film industries, interviewed by AdnKronos in view of the inauguration of the Venice Film Festival.

“I I am optimistic about the future of cinema and cinemas – underlines Rutelli, who in Venice, as founder and president of the Soft Power Club, has recently organized the fourth edition of the ‘Soft Power Conference’ – We have had in the last few weeks a powerful recovery of attendance in cinemas, with ‘Barbie’ exceeding €30 million in box office takings and 4 million admissions and so far with over 10 million takings and 1.3 million admissions for ‘Oppenheimer’. And now – exclaims Rutelli – we are waiting for the Italian champions“.

“There is nothing more effective and more popular than the narrative that springs from cinema and the audiovisual, as Charles Rivkin, member of the Soft Power Club, president and CEO of the Soft Power Club, wanted to underline in the message sent to the ‘Soft Power Conference’ Mpa, Motion Picture Association, practically the ‘boss’ of Hollywood”, adds Rutelli, who recalls how “the The Venice Film Festival was born as a sensational instrument of Italian soft power, even if it certainly couldn’t have been called that at the time… And the Cannes Film Festival was then born to counter the excessive entry of Axis politics with Mussolini into Venice, once again opening the door to the great experiences of international cinema. So, the cinema has always been crossed by politics and there is no doubt that the similarity between the 20th century as an ‘American century’ and as a ‘century of American cinema in the world’ is very well founded”.

For Rutelli, “even the fact that we still see several films being censored or even banned in some emerging countries, even ‘Barbie’, shows us that on the contrary the cinema be a great terrain of freedom, of creation and also of influence. And Italy on this terrain must know how to play across the board”, concludes the president of the Soft Power Club and Anica.