Ryan Reynolds has been mistaken for Ben Affleck for years in a NY pizzeria

Ryan Reynolds said he is often mistaken for two of his colleagues: Ryan Gosling and Ben Affleck.

Well yes: even among world-famous and universally known stars, the thing that usually happens to us mere mortals can happen during the holidays, when the elderly great-aunt mistakes us for the cousin or the sister …
But in a few days, during the Christmas lunch when the octogenarian relative on duty will invariably call you by the name of another diner, don’t be too angry: just think that even Ryan Reynolds is condemned to the same treatment …

The actor told on the occasion of a guest on the podcast Dear Hank and John that Ben Affleck has believed in a New York pizzeria that he frequents regularly for years. And he lets him believe it, like a good joker he is …

“They think I’m Ben Affleck and they ask me how is JLo and I say, ‘Well, great.’ I’ll take the pizza and go away ”, he said amid general hilarity.

Yet Reynolds should be a very well known and therefore immediately recognizable face.

Il divo is in fact a veteran of the enormous success of his latest Netflix film, Red Notice, which to date is the most watched film ever on the digital platform, globally.

It has surpassed 328 million hours of views, according to data provided by the streaming platform itself.

Red Notice the most watched movie ever on Netflix

Red Notice, we said, is the most watched movie ever globally on Netflix. Also thanks to the presence in the cast of Ben Affleck.

We’re joking clearly: Ryan Reynolds is the undisputed and unmistakable protagonist!

In second place in the ranking of the most viewed films on the platform drops Bird Box with Sandra Bullock (with more than 282 million hours of views) while we find stable in third place Tyler Rake with Chris Hemsworth.

Returning to the first place and to the very lucky one Red Notice, such a success can only leave room for a sequel.

In fact, during a recent interview granted to the US magazine Looper, the director of Red Notice Rawson Marshall Thurber has spoiled some previews of a possible plot for a second act of the film, revealing what direction he would like to take for the new chapter.

In its chords there would be the resumption of the plot exactly at the point where the first film ends, ie at the Louvre in Paris.