Sabine Marcelis, designer of the year, will create the installation that 1000 Miglia will donate to Brescia

The distinctive trait of the artist consists in a dynamic visual play between transparency, refraction and iridescence

1000 Miglia is also synonymous with design, indeed, it always has been: starting from the liveries of the unique models that took part in the speed race, up to the innovative ones of the super cars of the Experience and the Ferrari Tribute, passing through the union between aesthetics, performance and eco-sustainability of the 1000 Miglia Green. Today, however, the Freccia Rossa, in addition to being the most beautiful race in the world, is also synonymous with a lifestyle, and has extended its values ​​even beyond the confines of motoring. For this reason, 1000 Miglia has put itself at the forefront with the Municipality of Brescia in the year of the Capital of Culture, and has decided to celebrate this partnership by donating to its city an artistic installation created by Sabine Marcelis, recently nominated Designer of the year at the Elle Deco International Design Awards, the event that the international magazine organizes annually to reward the best designers in the world and their products, hosted this year at the Museo del Novecento as part of Milan Design Week.

The distinctive trait of Sabine Marcelis consists in a dynamic visual play between transparency, refraction and iridescence; in search of the perfect balance between minimalism, functionality, longevity and emotional evocation. The Dutch artist and designer had already conceived and created the cups and medals of the 1000 Miglia 2022, and now she is ready to make available her inimitable aptitude for experimenting with materials, lights and colors in the creation of a work which will be inaugurated and presented in June in the run-up to the 2023 1000 Miglia.