Sabrina Ferilli at the beginning: it was 1987, how has it changed? You will be amazed

Have you ever seen Sabrina Ferilli in her early days? In this photo it was 1987, but how has it changed? You will be truly amazed!

Everyone loves her, but very few remember how was Sabrina Ferilli at the beginning! Today she is a very famous and award-winning actress, but also a more than appreciated TV personality, but how has she changed from her first approaches to the big screen to now?

What was Sabrina Ferilli like at her debut in 1987? Photo Source: Youtube

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Born in Rome on June 28, 1964, it would seem that Sabrina Ferilli has always had the intention of making it into the world of entertainment and, of course, that of acting. And so, after her high school studies, she tried to enroll in the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, but she was unable to enter. However, her determination was so strong that despite her failure to join, Ferilli still gave birth to her acting career. Her first debut, in fact, came in 1986 in the film ‘Portami la luna’ by Carlo Cotti. A year later and, therefore, in 1987, Sabrina Ferilli joined, together with Mara Venier, in the film ‘Candy from a stranger’. Speaking of which, do you remember how she was in these years? She was only 23 when she starred in the movie, but what was she like?

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Sabrina Ferilli at the beginning: how has it changed? Beyond belief

In addition to being an established actress and full of truly crazy awards, Sabrina Ferilli is loved by the Italian public for her sympathy, but also for her extraordinary beauty. Speaking of which, are you curious to know how she was in her early days on the big screen and, above all, to see how she has changed over the years? We’ll take care of telling you everything. Although, we anticipate, when you discover it too, you will be truly amazed.

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We managed to track down a video showing us Sabrina Ferilli in her beginnings. It was exactly 1987 when she took part in the film ‘Candy from a Stranger’, but have you ever seen her? She was only 23 when she was one of the protagonists of the film, yet her beauty cannot go unnoticed. Take a look here:

Sabrina Ferilli at the beginning
Photo Source: Youtube

In short, there is absolutely nothing to say. In addition to being beautiful even from a very young age, it is clear that Sabrina Ferilli has not changed at all over the years. Do you agree?