Sabrina Ferilli, let’s forget her with the old cut: this is how she looked now

Sabrina Ferilli’s new style for autumn, a regular presence in the current season of Tu Sì que vales: have you seen her new cut?

Always an undisputed icon of beauty, Sabrina Ferilli is delighting us with his sympathy and his charisma in the new episodes of You yes que vales, starting from mid-September. At the head of the popular jury of the program, the Roman actress is now an indispensable ingredient for the success that has accompanied the format for years.

Sabrina Ferilli hair change (Credits: Instagram)

Every Saturday evening he gives us unmissable moments of irony and lightheartedness such as the hilarious curtains of which he is the protagonist with Giovanninothe ‘troublemaker’ who has chosen her as his favorite ‘victim’.

The very affectionate public of Ferilli can however also rejoice for a new project in sight that soon sees her engaged on the set of an unpublished fiction, the details of which are not yet known at the moment. What we know so far is that it will be a three-part series directed by Ricky Tognazzi and Simona Izzo and that filming will start in January next year. It is not the first time that the famous couple of directors have chosen to work with the splendid Roman interpreter. Last year, fiction Wake up, my love it was an extraordinary success.

Beyond the new work commitments that await her, Sabrina wanted to inaugurate this new season with a transformation also in look. The result is to be amazed!

New haircut for Sabrina Ferilli: look what she did!

In the last few years of her career, we have never seen major upheavals of the famous actress’s ha-style. She too on the stage of the Ariston Theater, where she led the final evening of this year’s Sanremo Festival together with Amadeus, she appeared with her long scaled cut that has accompanied her for some time. On that occasion, she had only added caramel highlights that gave her more brightness, but no changes that were too conspicuous.

This time, however, she decided to amaze everyone and on social media she showed herself as we had never seen her before. In a selfie published recently on her very popular Instagram profile, the 58-year-old appears with her new cut: she has chosen a long bob voluminous by shortening the length to the shoulders. The tips are wavy creating a more carefree effect that softens the face and makes it even more charming. Needless to say, the photo was a huge success and was immediately showered with a shower of likes. On the other hand, the thick and bright hair has always been one of her strengths, right?

Sabrina Ferilli cut
Sabrina Ferilli shows herself like this (Credits: Instagram)

What do you think? Don’t you also find that this look rejuvenates our beautiful Sabrina Ferilli in a particular way?