Sabrina Ferilli, who is her husband and what work does he do: everything you need to know

Sabrina Ferilli, who is her husband and what work does he do: everything you need to know

We all know the beautiful and very nice Sabrina Ferilli, but do you also know who her husband is? Let’s find out everything there is to know about this mysterious man.

Do you know the husband of the beautiful Sabrina Ferilli? Let’s find out who he is together! (Source Instagram)

Sabrina Ferilli he is certainly one of the best known and most appreciated faces on the Italian television scene. From her beginnings from a very young age, until now, Ferilli has always shown her strength and her talent for the entertainment world. Not only an actress, but also a voice actress and presenter. We often see her next to her friend and colleague Maria De Filippi, in programs such as Tu si que vales And Friends. His career has always been the center of attention, and perhaps not everyone will know about his private life. After the first marriage, and the divorce with the lawyer Andrea Perone, Ferilli has rebuilt a life with her current husband. Do you know who it is?

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Who is Sabrina Ferilli’s husband and what work does he do?

Sabrina Ferilli she is a woman who is fulfilled not only from a working point of view, but also from a sentimental one. After her first unsuccessful marriage, she found love in 2011. Her husband is called Flavio Cattaneo and is a successful manager. Even if he is not a well-known face on Italian television like his wife, Cattaneo plays a very important role in our country. He is an Italian business executive, public executive and entrepreneur vice president of Italo – New Passenger Transport and founder of Itabus.

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Sabrina Ferilli husband
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Flavio Cattaneo from previous marriage with Cristina Goi he had two children. After the separation he met the beautiful Sabrina Ferilli with which he now lives happily in Rome. The two had secretly married in Paris. Later, the actress had revealed during an interview with People, what had made her fall in love with her husband. “I was struck by his steadfast patience, his strong character, his inability to woo me. There were no flowers or gifts between us. The real seduction in an equal relationship, like ours, is the respect of promises “.

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Really a beautiful couple! And you knew Flavio Cattaneo, the husband of Sabrina Ferilli?