Sabrina Napoleone, uses Critone to talk about betrayal: the video

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I worked on Critone’s video clip, trying to evoke the atmosphere of the piece of music. To do this, I created some settings with the aid of artificial intelligence and elaborated digital alterations of my video image. It’s a lysergic journey, conceived, shot and edited entirely by me, for the song I wrote, recorded and produced. I’d say that more than just a video clip, it’s a projection of my imagination towards the outside, in relation to this song. The song comes from some reflections on the concept of betrayal. I don’t mean betrayal restricted to the sphere of love, but, using two archetypal figures, I try to develop a broader discourse on the human predisposition to betray ideals and people.

Crito’s dilemma is “uncomfortable”, who in Plato’s dialogue of the same name tries to convince Socrates to flee for his life, and, even more so, is “Iscariot’s choice”, which condemns the follower of Jesus to portray , over the centuries, the very personification of the concept of betrayal. The “personal epos” relegates both of these figures, flattened and fossilized in a single action, to a “marginal hell” of judgments. However, in my opinion, these characters rather than represent sin, in different ways, depict the human nature with its irreconcilable contradictions. To welcome this grotesque vision of the human soul a massive dose of irony (and self-irony) is certainly needed and it is essential to do so in good company. That’s why I inserted, in the central part of the song, the explicit quotations of two artists I love, Patti Smith and Franco Battiato, having fun having them interpreted by two dear singer friends, Stefano Luna and Simone Meneghelli. The sound is characterized by roots rock guitar riffs, set in textures of relentless electronic drums, rarefied synths, which give the song a remarkable dynamic, noisy violins and infernal and epic voices. The single, which anticipates my third solo album due out next fall, was released on all digital platforms by Lilith Label on May 26th.