Sabrina Salerno responds to the haters: “My breasts are natural, here’s the proof”

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Thirty years of fake news. As Sabrina Salerno defines online the story that has haunted her for almost all her life, that is, the discussion concerning her physique, and specifically her breastwhich – he reiterates once again – is completely natural. The pop star and showgirl, intent on putting an end to any controversy, posted on social media a medical certificate which attests the absence of breast implants. The report, signed by Doctor Giorgio Berna, is available on the singer’s official Instagram profile who, to celebrate, allowed herself a mini photo shoot that was greatly appreciated by the fans.

The medical certificate as proof on social media

Sabrina Salerno has been experimenting for some time with the consequences of online popularity which often translates into debates between fans and haters on social networks with the latter intending to discredit famous people on their official public profiles.
Although she’s used to controversy and – specifically – to gossip about the Cosmetic Surgery which she would have resorted to in past years to increase the size of her breasts, Sabrina Salerno is not there and this time she has decided to use evidence to definitively demonstrate the authenticity of the curves that made her famous in the season in which her career as a pop singer exploded.

Giorgio Berna’s medical report speaks clearly and is perfectly understandable despite the obvious use of medical language. “The patient does not report any breast surgery”, this is the premise, that is, the clinical history of the patient Salerno, for which, adds the doctor “they are mutually exclusive absolutely the presence of breast implants”.

The breast done, a fake news around for thirty years

No prostheses and no scars, therefore, on Sabrina Salerno’s breasts, admired by generations of fans, men and women, who have praised the prosperity and attractiveness of the Genoese pop star since the 1980s.
The singer, who turned 55 last March, has been struggling for years a defend its beauty reaffirming that it is entirely the fruit of nature and the result of the workouts with which it keeps fit.

The last post on Instagram, which contains the medical certificate, is intended to be the last word for the pop star and actress on one completely false narrative who pursues her for over thirty years. The reference is to the summons for defamation that she herself made against Angela Cavagna in the nineties to counter the accusations of the latter who, at the time, insinuated suspicions about the authenticity of Salerno’s breasts. The episode that was recalled in a recent interview with Cavagna in the Corriere della Sera prompted Sabrina Salerno to return to the subject in turn and to define everything she has always said to herself on the subject a gigantic fake news.