Sadness over the death of Tim Roth’s son’s son: Cormac was a 25-year-old rock star

cormac rothmusician and son of British film star Tim Roth, He passed away at the age of 25, after a battle with cancer.

He died on October 16. However, the family did not reveal the tragic news until recently, reported the New York Post.

“He was a ball of wild, electric energy and his spirit was full of light and kindness”Cormac’s family said in a statement sent to Variety magazine.

“As wild as he was, Cormac was also the embodiment of goodness. A gentle soul who brought so much happiness and hope to those around him.”

The family described Cormac as “an irrepressible, happy, wild and wonderful child”.

“Sorrow comes in waves, as do tears and laughter, when we think of this beautiful boy for the 25 years and 10 months we have known him”they wrote.

“We love him. We will take him with us wherever we go.”

Tim Roth has starred in countless Hollywood movies including Pulp Fiction, Planet of the Apes, Funny Games, and The Hateful Eight.

The Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer in a July Instagram post.

“On November 21 I was diagnosed with stage three germ cell cancer”Cormac wrote in the harrowing update along with a video of him playing guitar.

“Since then, I have been fighting him every day, throwing everything I can at him. Chemo, high-dose chemotherapy, medications, transplants, transfusions, surgeries, etc.

He explained that he had choriocarcinoma, a rare “rapidly growing malignant tumor” that develops from cells that help a “embryo attaches to the uterus and helps form the placenta”explains the website

According to the post, the disease had taken away part of the guitarist’s hearing and caused him to lose 27 kilos.

“[El cáncer] it will continue on its murderous path until I can somehow stop it and kill it,” Cormac lamented.

Despite the devastating symptoms, he wrote that it had not undermined his “will to survive” or his “love of making music”.

“He Hasn’t Knocked Me Down Yet”Cormac wrote.

“If you or someone you love is affected [sic] about cancer, don’t hesitate to reach out because it’s an emotional roller coaster like nothing else. I love you all, please make sure you do the things you love. Life is short. It’s chaos. And you never know when it’s going to be you. Get well and go to the doctor. F – – k cancer.”

In his last Instagram post on August 16, Cormac said he was “blown away” by all the talented people on Instagram.

“What you guys do is amazing,” he said, advising his followers to “sink your teeth” since “life is short and you can’t always choose your destiny.”

Cormac is survived by his parents, Tim and Nikki Roth, as well as his brother, Timothy Hunter Roth.