Saguto case, ex-judge arrest underway

The former magistrate will be taken to Pagliarelli prison

At this moment, as Adnkronos learns, the arrest of Silvana Saguto, the former President of the prevention measures section of the Court of Palermo, is underway. The now former magistrate, expelled from the judicial system, is in a clinic from where she is about to be discharged. Saguto she will be taken to the Pagliarelli prison. The sentence is enforceable for the parts confirmed by the Supreme Court last night even if the supreme judges ordered the annulment of other parts of the verdict. The arrest of Silvana Saguto’s husband, Lorenzo Caramma, is also underway, he was also convicted in the former judge’s so-called ‘magic circle’ trial.

The former king of the judicial administrators of Palermo Gaetano Cappellano Seminara, convicted in the ‘magic circle’ trial of the former judge Silvana Saguto, as Adnkronos learns, turned himself in to the Bollate prison to be arrested. Last night the Cassation postponed the trial to the Court of Appeal of Caltanissetta but today the General Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta issued the provision for execution of the sentence for the definitive parts of the sentence.