Sala announces the Milan energy plan: “Savings for 1.5 million”

In a video on Facebook, the mayor lists “reinforcing actions” to accompany the government’s measures to reduce consumption by the Municipality and help citizens to contain the increases

A series of “strengthening actions“to be fielded a Milan, flanked by government measures “with the aim of reducing the consumption of municipal buildings and helping citizens to contain increases”. This is what the ‘energy plan‘announced on Facebook by the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, recalling that among the prescriptions indicated “in the decree of the Ministry of Transition” regarding the thermal season, that is the one in which it is allowed to turn on the heaters and that “in Lombardy it runs from mid-October to April, it will last 15 days less, so it will start eight days later and it will end seven days earlier. ” The daily switching on of the systems “will last an hour less and it will be necessary to regulate the temperatures one degree less than the maximum allowed”, except for schools, senior centers and health facilities.

As regards the Lombard capital in particular, Sala therefore indicates a series of measures that will be adopted starting from the next few days. It starts from smart working for municipal employees: “We have come to define the formula together with the trade unions – warns the mayor – and therefore we will close some municipal offices to Friday, so as to be close to the weekend and prolong the positive effect of the shutdown of the plants. Employees will be able to use an agile working day on the occasion of closure, while those who cannot will be placed in ‘near working’ in the offices that will always remain open, such as the one in via Larga “. These measures, the mayor emphasizes, will concern” in a very limited manner “the offices open to the public. So, he continues,” we will reduce the functioning of the air conditioning systems in some buildings, where possible, and of the groundwater pumps “. Starting from the end of this month, moreover,” we will decrease by one hour a day switching on theStreet lighting and we will do it mainly in the morning “.

With these actions, “ready to be implemented immediately, we hope to obtain savings of over one and a half million euros“. In the meantime” we will go ahead with the study of further practices to be implemented in the long term with the aim of permanently reducing energy loads “. For example” the replacement of old light bulbs with LED bodies that we are carrying out especially in schools “. Also to ATM “we asked for an effort to regulate temperatures in public transport, lowering the temperature on electric buses and trams by a couple of degrees. And together with Chamber of Commerce we are working to define similar measures, starting with the turning off of signs and shop windows at night and with greater attention to the closing and opening of doors “.