Salburg-Inter 0-1, penalty from Lautaro and the Nerazzurri in the round of 16 of the Champions League

The victory promotes Inzaghi’s team with 2 games to spare

Inter wins 1-0 on the Salzburg pitch today, 8 November 2023, in the match valid for the fourth day of Group D of the Champions League and qualifies for the round of 16 with 2 matches to spare. The Nerazzurri, with 10 points after the victory signed by Lautaro’s penalty, share first place in the standings with Real Sociedad. Salzburg, at 3 points, can no longer reach the top two positions. Benfica are last with zero points.

The match

Salzburg tries to start with their foot on the accelerator and tries to surprise the Nerazzurri with an aggressive attitude. The home team showed up in the 13th minute with Bidstrup, who missed the target from the edge of the area. Inter takes measures against their rivals, begins to emerge more easily from the opponent’s pressing and raises their center of gravity. In the 22nd minute Mkhitaryan takes a shot, but the Armenian’s shot is blocked by the defense. Inzaghi’s team allowed themselves a few too many breaks and allowed the Austrians to sink, but without any real danger for Sommer’s goal in the heart of the first half. However, the chances that come to the Milanese before the break are enormous. In the 35th minute, from a free kick, Bastoni finds time for a header but the ball slips away by centimeters. In the 42nd minute the Thuram-Sanchez combination frees Frattesi to shoot: the goal seems like a done deal, the aim is wrong.

Gloukh and Konate tried to attack at the start of the second half, Inter defended themselves and kept the home team’s attacks at bay, as they began to slow down the pace after an hour of play. The script changes radically in the last third of the game. The Nerazzurri gain ground and conviction against opponents who seem to be lacking oxygen. Lautaro’s entry in the 68th minute was the turning point. The Argentine hits the crossbar in the 82nd minute with an imperious header. Shortly afterwards, Salzburg’s fort collapsed due to Bidstrup’s coup on Barella’s shot. Penalty, Lautaro makes no mistake: 0-1. The final part of the match reserved only one real thrill, with the second goal almost reached by Lautaro in full injury time. Inter wins and flies to the round of 16, mission already accomplished.