Salemme brings on TV ‘Neapolitan? And make me a pizza

Live tomorrow, Monday 17 April, at 21.20 on Rai2

Vincenzo Salemme arriving on Rai2 with one of his most successful projects of the year ‘Napoletano? And make me a pizza!’. Tomorrow, Monday 17 April at 21.20 on Rai 2, live from the Domenico Scarlatti Auditorium of the Rai headquarters in Naples, the Neapolitan playwright and director offers a journey into the hardest Neapolitan stereotypes and clichés to die. An evening event that will offer viewers and the audience in the hall the opportunity to enjoy the ‘reality of the theatre: the magic of live interpretation on TV.

‘Neapolitan? E famme ‘na pizza’ is one of the most seen plays in the last two years with 200,000 spectators and 180 performances in 25 cities in our country. It comes from the latest book by Salemme, released at the beginning of March 2019 and the title refers to a line from one of his theatrical comedy, ‘It’s snowing outside’, in which one of the characters asks his brother to demonstrate his alleged Neapolitan origin by making him a pizza.

The show contains two of the actor’s most loved works: ‘An exaggerated party’ and ‘With all my heart’ for a perfect fit of events and stories, represented on a terrace overlooking the backdrop of Vesuvius, a space in which Salemme he will entertain the public with his hilarious monologues on the habits, customs, vices and virtues of the Neapolitans.

And yes, because every self-respecting Neapolitan must know how to make pizzas, sing, always be cheerful, devoted to San Gennaro and love hot coffee in a hot cup and mammà ragout.

Vincenzo Salemme in the last 20 years has been able to interpret the various feelings of life in an eclectic way, through characters with different facets. There is no work by him, be it theatrical, cinematic or narrative, which does not immerse itself in the atmosphere of the Gulf and which does not transmit its vivid colors, philosophy, way of understanding life.

‘Neapolitan? E famme ‘na pizza’ is meant to be a tribute to the public who have followed Salemme faithfully throughout his 45-year career and to anyone who wants to learn more or learn about his art. It’s a way to laugh and get excited all together again with the same feeling of hope in the future. A future which, in the case of this show, does not forget the beautiful traditions of the past but makes them a driving force to imagine a forward journey, a free and cheerful journey towards tomorrow.

Produced by ‘Chi è di scena’ for Rai Cultura, it is written, directed and interpreted by Vincenzo Salemme with (in alphabetical order): Vincenzo Borrino, Sergio D’Auria, Teresa Del Vecchio, Antonio Guerriero, Fernanda Pinto. Scenes and costumes Francesca Romana Scudiero. Music by Antonio Boccia. Curator Giulia Morelli, executive producer Serena Semprini. Editorial coordination Felice Cappa. Television direction by Barbara Napolitano.