Salernitana has second thoughts, Nicola returns as coach 2 days after his sacking

The club recalls the coach fired after the heavy defeat against Atalanta

Davide Nicola is back on the Salernitana bench after the exemption accrued on Sunday evening after the heavy 8-2 knockout on the Atalanta field. Subsequent polls by the grenade company have not led to any agreement with the various coaches called, then the turn on the technician author of the spectacular comeback salvation of last season. Nicola made his return to Salernitana official through a long post on Facebook, in which he explains how things have gone these days:

“I’ll tell you the truth. Yesterday I received a phone call from President Iervolino who, with his always amiable and kind manners, explained to me the reasons for his decision which he took with bitterness but which was supposed to mark the break after the very bad match in Bergamo against Atalanta. I immediately made a mea culpa, assuming all the responsibilities for an inadequate performance and the consequent heavy defeat”, the words of the coach. “Because I believe in this team as well as in the men who make it up, just as I believe in the great club it has behind it. I asked the President with all my strength to review the exemption provision, knowing I was touching the strings of a human soul who has a deep sensitivity to understand and strongly wants to build a different kind of football. Because I love Salerno and I blindly believe in this project. ‘Stories of men who do great things’: this is how the President has always told us, who – as I have always acknowledged – is was the main architect of last season’s salvation”.

“He is the one who instilled in us passion, personality and ferocity in achieving impossible things. He is the one who strongly believes that when men all pull in the same direction they are capable of extraordinary things. And I have already seen them achieve many extraordinary things. From his prodigious enterprise in the world of training, to his surprising projects in the field of publishing up to the upheavals in the world of football in a few months “, he adds.

“These are the men I don’t want to give up – continues the grenade coach -, I thank the President for calling me, this is the demonstration that new football is a football of passion and heart and for this I WANT to repay his trust with all my strength and with all the passion that I have.With the Sports Management led by Morgan De Sanctis, whom I thank for the mediation without which this operation would not have been possible, weeks of very hard work and continuous comparison await us to achieve the goals our goals. Now let’s start again together, ALL of us, and tell another extraordinary football story, giving back to the grenade fans the same passion and the same sense of belonging that it unconditionally demonstrates to us. This is Salerno, this is Salernitana: much more than a soccer team”.