Salerno-Reggio Calabria high speed, public debate resumes on 28 November

With the online meeting “High Speed ​​for the South, the role of the project”, scheduled for 5.30 pm next Tuesday 28 November, the public debate on the new Salerno-Reggio Calabria high-speed railway line restarts, relating to the route of lot 1 B in the Salerno area, which from Romagnano to Buonabitacolo extends for approximately 48 kilometres, of which 18 are underground and 30 outdoors, and to the route of lot 1 C, which from Buonabitacolo to Praia a Mare , in northern Calabria, extends for approximately 46 kilometres, of which 37 are underground and nine outdoors.

“In this first meeting, we will have the designers speak, who – explains Professor Roberto Zucchetti, coordinator of the public debate – will illustrate the project, clarify the proposed choices and detail the reasons. This is to encourage a debate that is not based on hearsay and, on the contrary, is based on certain and precise information. Following this, on Monday 4 December – anticipates the Coordinator himself – there will be a second meeting, still online and again at 5.30 pm, in which we will instead begin to delve into the merits Specifically, it will be dedicated to the topic that more than any other has raised doubts and criticisms, i.e. the choice of the route and in particular not to follow the coastline but to pass through the Vallo di Diano. All those interested will be able to participate by registering via the Public Debate website, to express your position or that of the group you belong to, to ask questions, ask for clarifications or express dissent”.

In order to guarantee maximum publicity and transparency, all scheduled appointments can be followed live on video on the website, which, among other things, contains detailed information on the project in question, on the related public debate and the possibilities of participating in it. Anyone interested can then write to the email [email protected] to send a detailed technical contribution, ask questions or request information.

A further online meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6 December at 5.30 pm, which will be dedicated to discussing how the two planned stations, in Vallo di Diano and Praia a Mare, can be made available to the entire territory.

On Tuesday 12 December, in the Certosa di Padula at 5.30 pm, the first face-to-face meeting open to the public will be held, for which no reservation is required. On that occasion, the project of the section that crosses the Vallo di Diano and the new station that will insert this territory, currently not served by the railway, into the European network of high-speed connections will be presented in detail.

On Wednesday 13 December, in the town hall of Sapri, at 5.30 pm, the strengthening of the historic line and the choice of route of the HS line will be discussed. The Coordinator wanted this meeting precisely to give those who criticize the choice not to follow the coastline the opportunity to discuss with the planners.

On Thursday 14 December, the public debate will move to Praia a Mare; at 5.30 pm in the town hall, a public meeting will take place on the new Praia a Mare station serving the towns of the Gulf of Policastro.

Finally, on Thursday 21 December, at 5.30 pm, the Question Document will be presented online and on Thursday 11 January 2024, again online and at 5.30 pm, the final report of the public debate on high-speed rail will be presented railway from Romagnano to Praia a Mare.