Sallusti: “Me in Rai? No, I don’t know how to conduct”

“Berlusconi offered me a strip to Mediaset like the one Vespa does today. And I said no”

“No, I don’t know how to conduct and I don’t think I’m capable. Many years ago, however, Berlusconi asked me to make a strip on a Mediaset network like the one Vespa does today. And I said no”. The director of Libero Alessandro Sallusti talks about himself on ‘Un Giorno da Pecora’, on Rai Radio1. Guest of Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari, the journalist spoke of the prospect of being one of the faces of the new Rai. Among the names of centre-right journalists associated with Rai, one of the most quoted seems to be Nicola Porro, with whom Sallusti worked for a long time at Il Giornale. “Centre-right Porro? He belongs to Porro’s party, if I were reborn I would like Nicola to be reborn. He’s good, he enjoys himself, he takes the piss out of everyone, he’s successful, he’s rich. Tell me where I have to sign…”, Sallusti jokes.

Who also talks about lesser-known aspects of his life, starting with his friendship with the former leader of the Democratic Party Pierluigi Bersani. “We are friends, at least I consider myself a good friend of him, Pierluigi is a very interesting person. And a couple of weeks ago he invited me to a restaurant in Bettola, we had an extraordinary meal”. Why this invitation? “Some time ago I had published a photo of Bersani who came out with a gift from the Louis Vuitton store, which was for his wife, he took it and I apologized publicly”. Has the former Pd secretary accepted his apology? “Of course, he accepted them and we made peace over a good bottle of Piacenza wine”.

Speaking of invitations, you were among the guests at Matteo Salvini’s 50th birthday party. “Yes, and she struck me with one thing.” Which? “Berlusconi demanded that Salvini change his shirt, he had it light and the President wanted it dark. To the point that he sent one of his chauffeurs in the car to get it for him. Evidently the Knight travels with a trunk full of shirts…”. The journalist also mentions married life: will he marry his partner Patrizia?. “I’ve already gotten married twice, I gave”. However, one of his best-known relationships is not a marriage but the story with the current Minister Daniela Santanché. Of which he says: “Chapeau, she managed to reinvent herself and have a ministry. I haven’t heard from her for eight years. We parted very well…Who between you and Patrizia is more troublesome? In different ways but at excellent levels, they are both good pain in the ass…”.