Sallusti to Di Battista: “Why do the Ukrainian people make you sick?” – Video

The former M5S: “This is nonsense”

Back and forth between Alessandro Sallusti and Alessandro Di Battista at diMartedì. “But you who are fighting for the freedom of all the peoples of the world, but why are the Ukrainian people so on the balls? Does she sure make you sick? Isn’t it a people worthy of freedom? ”Asks Sallusti.

The former M5S is a river in flood: “This is nonsense – he replies – It is clear that the Ukrainian people have every right to resist, the theme is that today speaking of resistance and the struggle for freedom on the Italian side is rhetoric . Ukrainians have the right to do what they want, but also the counter-offensive that makes some columnists with the Ikea lounge helmet rejoice who on their sofa talks about the goodness of the counter-offensive, is causing the death of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers, for the younger “.” Putin is mobilizing 300,000 men, often boys who come from the poorest Russian regions and are sent to die at the front “.